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Sale Assistant    Long term recruitment(Working Place:Shanghai, Cyprus)


College degree above, good English
Experience in securities, futures, banks, stock and other financial industry is preferred.
For who has no the financial industry experience, but has a strong self-learning ability, can quickly get started, also give priority to;
High enthusiasm for work, have good team work ability, have a strong responsibility, can work under pressure;
The position is responsible for the promotion of products, through the network and telephone, understanding customer needs, guide customers to choose the right products, looking for opportunities to promote cooperation with customers;

Assist supervisor to work contracts and other documents, filing, and storage.
Assistant to Sales Director  Long term recruitment(Working Place:Shanghai)

Fresh graduates,College degree above, Good Oral English, Male is preferred;

Knowledge of economy, finance and marketing is preferred
diligent, willing to learn, can travel;

The position requires to develop new customers and maintain old customers through company and its own resources.
Product quality analysis, production data report, customer maintenance;
Promote advanced investment concept, and promote the company's brand; provide a rare quality of investment opportunities to customers.
Report to the company the progress of the work and the market situation, collect and filing customer information.

Marketing Specialist    Long term recruitment  Working Place:(Shanghai, London, Cyprus)

Responsible for information dissemination and keyword optimization on web B2B platform, classification information platform, industry directory etc.;  customer information collection and customer conversion through promotion activity; fully responsible for the online promotion of product portfolio, keyword optimization on forum, SNS, QQ group, post bar, microblogging /SEO,soft writing and other marketing promotion projects; responsible for promotion and maintenance of the company's Web site, keyword search, website update, optimization, etc..


College above, major in marketing, e-marketing
year e-marketing work experience above
Skilled in keyword promotion, word of mouth promotion, question and answer promotion;
Good communication skill, Self-motivation and self-guidance
Good self-control, Good learning ability and negotiation skills
Financial Editor   Long term recruitment  Working Place:(Shanghai, London, Cyprus)

Has a keen economical perspective, interested in internet finance.
Finance or Accounting education background
Good writing, accurate, professional, constructive, Internet financial information gathering;
Good communication skill and good English translation
Copywriter/Event Planner     Long term recruitment Working Place: (Shanghai, London, Cyprus)

Finance, news, advertising, communication, Chinese or related majors, bachelor degree or above
Understanding of the financial industry is preferred, good editing ability, quick witted, fluent and easy writing;
Have a deep understanding and a strong grasp of the company's various types of promotional items; and good at writing performance; various types of copy writing including news, marketing and industry review etc.
Unique & creative force, and creative picture conception ability in advertising, feature film
1 years or above experience in document editing
Experience in copy work of financial industry is preferred.
PHP develop engineer      Long term recruitment  Working Place:(Shanghai)

1year above experience of the development of large and medium sized software based on PHP
Expereienced in MYSQL\linux、html/CSS/javascript/jquery、understand shell, or other large database, experienced in sql is preferred.
Good logic thinking, good communication and learning ability.
This position is responsible for the design and development of the website structure based on the PHP framework
Write website backstage support program, strictly abide by the code format and structure of the team, write readable, easy to maintain, high quality, and high efficient code.
Keep good communication with products & page designer, quickly understand the needs of the stakeholder, assist page designer to create a standard page;
Complete development and filling of documents based on request.
English translator and editor of financial website     Long term recruitment Working Place:(Shanghai, London, Cyprus)

Written translation, word fluent, major in English or CET 6
Team work, work under pressure
Interest in financial & economy is preferred.

Internet advertising sales   Long term recruitment Working Place:(Shanghai)
College above, education in AD, marketing or business
2 years above experience in internet advertising. Has customer resource, strong leadership and decision maker.
I style personality, work under pressure, innovation.

Sales Rep.   Long term recruitment  Working Place:(Shanghai, London, Cyprus)

1. Technique school above ,knowledge in finance.
2. Diligent, accountability, work under pressure, self-driven and result oriented. 
3. Good at Microsoft Office:word、excel、powerpoint

Website art designer     Long term recruitment  Working Place:(Shanghai)

Education in Art, design, with one year working experience;
Experienced in dreamwaver,firework, flash,photoshop etc.
Good HTML source code reading and editing ability;
Have a good taste, a sense of innovation, team work spirit.
Proficiency in JavaScript, VBScript and other web scripting language;
Website promotion, planning, implementation, and other comprehensive ability.
Senior Software Engineer   Working Place:(Shanghai, Cyprus)

Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science or related, 2 years working experience in computer or Internet industry;
Proficiency in C#, VC++ programming, a specific project development experience, able to independently complete the analysis of project needs, design and implementation of the work;
Proficient in database development, be able to operate and maintain SQL SERVER MS
Understanding of multi thread technology, TCP/IP network technology;
Good code writing habits, work carefully;
Experience in securities industry is preferred.

WEB develop engineer  Long term recruitment  Working Place:(Shanghai)

Bachelor degree in computer science or related majors, have WEB development experience, welcome freshgraduate;
Proficiency in the use of ASP and (C#) development language, familiar with the web development technology, a specific project development experience;
Experienced in development the W3C standard web site front page with html/CSS/Javascript/DIV, good at writing in line with W3C standards, compatible with a variety of browser front page code; rather than relying on IDE; rich experience in JS's various features and browser compatibility
Skilled in SQL SERVER MS and other large relational database, proficient in database programming;
Using Ajax, flash and other technology rich web site features, improve the user experience;
Good encoding style, a strong independent working ability and team spirit.

Website promotion     Working Place:(Shanghai, London, Cyprus)

Experienced in website cooperation, good communication skills, website promotion experience in preferred.
Requires careful, patient, self-learning, good communication skills, work under pressure and good team spirit;
Electronic business or marketing related major is preferred.
SEO Keyword promotion   Long term recruitment  Working Place:(Shanghai)

Responsible for site promotion, analysis of competitors, statistics related data;
Responsible for keyword optimization, analysis of key words, the construction of the chain of the site;
Focus on SEO trends, adapt to the search engine changes, update the site keywords, improve site traffic, improve website ranking;
Analysis of key words in the rankings and competitors website promotion methods;
Innovative, can find more creative ways to promote the site;
Have strong data analysis ability, can carry on the effective analysis to the related data regularly, and proposed the improvement plan;

Job requirements:
Understanding of search engines, especially for Baidu and Google's optimization
Detail oriented, self-learning ability, good communication skills, able to work under pressure and good team spirit;
Be familiar with computer operation, have a certain understanding of the promotion of blog and forum;
Electronic business or marketing related majors, the Internet industry experience is preferred.

Community forum SNS maintenance promotion  Long term recruitment  Working Place:(Shanghai)

To plan, edit and reuse the interactive content in Community
Planning and organizing online and offline large-scale activities, operating community to discuss hot spots, increase user interaction with the participants, focus on the construction and maintenance of community core user relationship;
Is responsible for the daily content of community website update and community promotion work, improve community awareness and user access;
Planning and writing for topic
he original content of the news events