Welcome to visit AGForex, please read this legal statement carefully. Everything you do in AGForex will be considered you receive the service agreement below:
1.Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of AGForex services
AGForex Ltd. owns the various electronic services and operation of  AGForex. AGForex services will be fully implemented in accordance with the regulations, terms of service and operating rules. Users must fully agree with all the terms of service and complete the registration process, to become the official user of AGForex.
2.Service Introduction

AGForex provides users with Internet services through the Internet with its own operating system.  At the same time, the user must:
1.Self-equipped with the required equipment including personal computer, modem or other necessary Internet device.
2.Self-paid the telephone charges and network costs associated with the service on the Internet.

Based on the importance of network services provided by AGForex, users should agree:
1.Provide detailed and accurate personal information.
2.Continuously update the registration information, in accordance with the requirements of timely, detailed and accurate.
3.Once registered, AGForex will provide users with the information and services in the financial, foreign exchange, gold and new products via email. Users should agree not consider above as junk email.

AGForex does not disclose the user's name, address, email address and name, with the following exceptions:
1.User authorized AGForex to disclose this information. The relevant laws and procedures require AGForex to provide the user's personal data.

2.If the information provided by the user contains incorrect information, AGForex reserves the right to end users' use of network services.
After the user confirms the identity and is authorized, he/she can get the product service provided by AGForex. Once the product is confirmed, it’s not allowed to replace other products.

3.Service terms revision and service amendments
AGForex has the right to modify the terms of service when necessary, once changed, it will publish the change of the contents on the important page. If users continue to use the network service, then that is deemed to accept the terms of service changes.

4.User Privacy
Respecting the user's privacy is a basic policy of AGForex. So, as the supplement of the following second points of personal registration information, AGForex must not disclose or edit any non-disclosure content of registration information without authorization from legitimate user. Unless there is a legal permit requirement or in following four situation:
  1.Comply with the relevant laws and regulations, comply with the AGForex legal services
  2.Protect the Trademark ownership of AGForex
  3.In an emergency to protect the privacy of the user's personal and social public.
  4.Comply with other relevant requirements.

5.User account, password and security
Once the user is registered successfully, become the legitimate user of AGForex, will get a password and user name.
Users will be responsible for the safety of the user name and password. In addition, each user should be responsible for all activities and events with its user name.
ou can change your password at any time according to instructions. If users find any illegal use of user accounts or the presence of security vulnerabilities, please immediately notify AGForex. AGForex will do everything possible to ensure security transmission and proper preservation when you registrar and submit shopping information.  

6.Refuse to Guarantee
User should take all risk of using web services. AGForex does not make any guarantee of any kind, whether explicit or implied, but not limited to the implied warranties of the commercial nature, the specific purpose, and the appropriate security without violating the regulations. AGForex will not guarantee service can meet the requirements of the user, it is not guaranteed service will not be interrupted, the timeliness of service, security, error occurs are not guaranteed. AGForex will not guaranteed by any information service or transaction process.

7.Limited liability
AGForex is not responsible for any damage direct, indirect, by chance or special. These damage may come from: improper use of network services, online purchase of goods or services, in the online transactions, illegal use of network services or users to send information has changed. These behaviours are likely to lead to the damage of the AGForex image, so AGForex list the possibility of such damages. In addition, in order to the normal operation of the site, AGForex need to regularly or irregularly do shutdown maintenance, so the interruption caused by the situation, please be understood. AGForex will do its best to avoid service interruptions or to limit the time to the shortest. Due to force majeure or other reasons cannot be controlled, the AGForex online system crashes or cannot be normally used, resulting in your AGForex can not complete or lost information, records, etc., AGForex is not responsible. But AGForex will try to help deal with the aftermath, and try to protect you from economic losses.

8.Storage and restriction of user information
AGForex is responsible for the deletion or storage false of users’ information. AGForex has the right to determine whether the user's behavior is in accordance with the provisions of the AGForex services, if the user violates the provisions of the terms of service, AGForex has the right to stop its network services.

9.User management

Users independently take responsibility for the release of the content. The use of the user to the service is based on all the national laws, local laws, and international legal standards applicable to AGForex. Users must follow:
  1.The transmission of technical information from the China to overseas must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of china
  2.Do not use network services for illegal purposes
  3.Do not interfere with or chaotic network services
  4.Comply with all network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices used in the use of network services.
Users must promise not to transmit any unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, intimidating, injury of, vulgar, obscene information. In addition, the user cannot transmit any information to to commit a crime; Cannot transmit information to encourage domestic adverse conditions and about national security; Cannot transmit any information that does not comply with local regulations, national laws and international laws. Unauthorized access to other computer systems is prohibited. If the user's behaviour does not comply with the above mentioned service terms, AGForex will make an independent judgment to immediately cancel the user service account. Users need to take legal responsibility for their online behaviour. If the users distribute the information of the reactionary, pornographic or other violations of state law on AGForex, , the system records of AGForex may be used as evidence of violation of the law.


Users agree to protect the interests of all members of the AGForex, responsible for the lawyer's fees caused by the user to use the service beyond the scope, and the damage compensation in violation of the terms of service, etc..

11.End service
Users or AGForex may end one or more network service at any time according to the actual situation. AGForex does not need to be responsible for any person or third party to interrupt service at any time. If users have any objection for the subsequent amendment of terms, or the service of AGForex, they can use the following rights:
1.Stop using AGForex's Web Service
2.Notice AGForex to stop the service to the user
After the end service, the user's right is immediately terminated. Since then, the user has no right, AGForex is also not obligated to send any information not processed or not completed by the service to the user or third party.

12.  Announcement
All notices issued to the user can be transmitted through an important page of the announcement or email or a regular mail. The service provision, service changes, or other important events are conducted in this form.

13.Participate in advertising planning
Users add the promotional material in published information or participate in advertising planning, show their products in the AGForex free service, and all other promotional methods, including the goods transportation, payment, service, business conditions, security and the description are only the behaviours between user and advertising vendors. AGForex and its Related Companies are not responsible for above these, AGForex is not responsible for any kind of those advertising.

14.Ownership of network services
AGForex’s network services include: text, software, sound, pictures, video, graphics, all the contents in advertising; all content of email; AGForex other information provided for the user. All of these contents are protected by copyright, trademarks, labels and other property rights laws. So users can only use these contents with the authorization by AGForex and advertisers. and cannot copy, re-create the content, or create and content related derivative products. all the articles in AGForex are copyrighted by the author and AGForex, anyone who needs to reprint AGForex's article,

he/she must be authorized by the original author or AGForex. Our service mode is suitable for accessing the Internet (or other way) through the telephone line dialling Internet.

15.Exemption clause
AGForex will not bear legal responsibility for any result caused by abnormal information transfer coming from exchange, satellite transmission lines, telecommunications and network service providers, etc., but AG is obligated to actively assist the exchange, the telecommunications sector, the network service provider to make it return to normal. Users should always avoid and eliminate the adverse effect and economic losses to AGForex caused by the above reasons, error, loss, delay, interruption, and other factors, the claim shall not be made against AGForex for the reasons mentioned above. In addition, if any force majeure reason causes related service interruption, including earthquake, typhoon, war, strikes, government behaviour, plague, explosive and epidemic disease or other major outbreaks, fire, basic telecommunications network interruption, AGForex does not assume the resulting losses, but it should be timely notice the reason, and actively solve.

16.Legal statement
AGForex (referred to as "AGForex"), is a network of financial media companies providing a comprehensive and rapid financial information services, providing software system of financial information,  to providing training and teaching services in the financial industry.Below are website owned by the parent company AGForex.

1) AGForex Global web site: www.agforex.com
2) AGForex Chinese website:www.agforex.cn
3) AGForex Arabic website:www.agforex.ae
4) AGForex German website:www.agforex.de
5) AGForex Spanish website:www.agforex.es
6) AGForex French website:www.agforex.fr
7) AGForex Greek website:www.agforex.gr
8) AGForex Indonesian website:www.agforex.id
9) AGForex Italian website:www.agforex.it
10) AGForex Indian website:www.agforex.in
11) AGForex Japanese website:www.agforex.jp
12) AGForex Korean website:www.agforex.kr
13) AGForex Malaysian website:www.agforex.my
14) AGForex Portuguese website:www.agforex.pt
15) AGForex Rusian website:www.agforex.ru
16) AGForex Vietnam website:www.agforex.vn

AGForex does not operate in addition to the above domain name and sub domain name of any website platform, AGForex’s website and software only provide financial data market, financial information, but  do not provide any trading account or any property service on behalf of the customer. Any fake AGForex website, software products engaged in illegal activities, AGForex will investigate in accordance with the law.